Space as a Service®

Empower your business with Data, Compute, Operations and Satellite Services

Xplore's first-of-its-kind low Earth orbit satellite constellation is designed to deliver a new class of innovative services: exquisite remote sensing data products, edge computing on multiple payload computers, and payload hosting. Our Major Tom satellite operations as a service software runs our constellation and can be used to run your constellation.

Data as a Service

Data as a Service

Multiple sensor types and data fusion

The XCRAFT™ carries the most diverse and versatile suite of sensors ever carried by commercial satellites. The first mission will carry a total of 8 primary sensors including ultraviolet, hyperspectral, high- resolution video, infrared, RF and other sensing phenomenologies.

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Compute as a Service

Compute as a Service

Run your Algorithms on Orbit

Xplore's orbital edge computing capability enables customers to have software-defined payloads that can create data fusion products, extract insights, perform data reduction and run innovative customer algorithms. These tools reduce the cost and latency to generate critical insights for your use cases.

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Major Tom Dashboard
Major Tom Dashboard
Major Tom

Operations as a Service

Major Tom Delivers for Operators

Major Tom provides satellite ground operations software as a service. Operate your satellite or constellation with multiple ground station networks for tracking, scheduling, commanding, downlinking data and monitoring telemetry.

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Satellite as a Service

Delivering Your Hosted Payloads and Dedicated Missions

Using the XCRAFT™ platform, Xplore offers an affordable, low Earth orbit service designed to host a wide variety of customer payloads, from 1U to 75U or more. Customers can focus on their primary business goals without the expense of procuring, licensing, launching and operating dedicated satellites.

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