Major Tom

Major Tom

Major Tom provides ground operations software as a service. Operate your satellite or constellation with multiple ground station networks for tracking, scheduling, commanding, downlinking data and monitoring telemetry.

Major Tom Dashboard
Major Tom Dashboard

Major Tom is your partner for integrated and scalable satellite operations

Command and manage your constellation, satellite, virtual satellite, flatsat, and engineering model all from one dashboard.

Connect to +100 ground stations around the world to talk to your satellites

The Major Tom Global Partner Program gives you access to these premier networks

Commercial Spaceflight Federation
American Commercial Space Weather Association


Save money by reducing infrastructure and OPEX

If a company uses its own data centers, it must purchase more hardware any time demand grows, and the existing capacity is met. This requires foresight and potentially risky estimations to avoid under-calculating and missing requirements or over-calculating and having underutilized resources when demand decreases. Cloud platforms reduce this risk because resources can be allocated or deallocated as needed.

Reduce OPEX and put Operations CAPEX to zero

  • No infrastructure to maintain
  • No IT team to update
  • Scripts and automation reduce OPEX
  • Costs are known in the future

Highly Collaborative

Remotely accessible and usable

A cloud-based environment makes collaboration easier, whether it's across the room or across the ocean. With various options for user organization, you can share workloads with other teams and allow customers to monitor their payloads with confidence.

Cloud-accessible means everyone has what they need to do their jobs

  • Role-based access control
  • API integration
  • Control from anywhere
  • Seamless data sharing

Security Matters

Secure and compatible with regulations

Major Tom offers access control specifications to reduce the chance that the actions of bad actors have catastrophic effects on satellite systems. Measures like required authentication and role-based access control help mitigate the risk of unauthorized access and malicious actions.

  • 2FA
  • ITAR compliance
  • International regulatory compliance


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Powerful third-party integrations

With three ground network partners and more added monthly, plus integrations with an extensive array of software, you can truly optimize your mission from our hub.

Major Tom is building API-level integrations with key partners and service providers.

  • Ground station networks
  • Analytics packages
  • Orbital determination


APIs are the glue that makes the whole platform work. Learn how to leverage Major Tom’s APIs to integrate your mission.


Major Tom is built on the most scalable, secure cloud infrastructure available.

Backups and Network Support

Cloud deployments will have automatic backups and routine security audits. Allowing Major Tom to manage all mission control IT and network requirements dramatically reduces the need for staff network administrators and the overhead of managing in-house server hardware.

Scale and manage infrastructure automatically

Using Major Tom means the time and risk-intensive process of scaling up or down application resources can be reduced significantly. Instead of buying and configuring physical hardware to meet fluctuations in usage, customers can provision more resources to meet demand in a matter of minutes and can deallocate them when they are no longer needed.

Updates and Upgrades

Major Tom updates and upgrades come standard on all cloud deployments. Updates include all security and feature improvements, while upgrades cover new feature releases. Customers can choose to automatically install these updates and upgrades or manually select when to update and upgrade.