Satellite as a Service®

Customers bring us their payloads, and Xplore delivers the data.

Payload Hosting Services

Orbital payloads from LEO all the way to Ceres.

End-To-End Payload Solutions

  • Mission design and analysis
  • Payload Integration and Testing
  • Launch and Insurance
  • Communications
  • Mission operations


XLEO is an affordable, low Earth orbit service designed to host a wide variety of customer payloads, from as small as 1U to as large as 100U or more. With XLEO, customers can focus on their primary business goals without the expense of procuring, launching and operating dedicated satellites. The XLEO turnkey service solution aims to reduce the total cost of a cubesat-class mission by as much as a factor of two. Additionally, XLEO offers significantly enhanced performance and flexibility in terms of mission duration, communications, pointing, power and data storage.

Customer Applications

The XLEO service will appeal to customers requiring consistent access to space for:

  • Remote sensing
  • Communication relay or reception (IoT)
  • Scientific research (e.g., instruments, sensors, etc.)
  • Technology demonstration (e.g., components, processors, mechanisms, etc.)
  • Flight heritage and gaining experience (e.g., TRL acceleration).
XLEO Earth from space

Types of Payloads

  • Optical instruments
  • Radar payloads
  • Cubesats and deployers
  • Technology demonstrations
  • Commercial instruments
  • Space environment instruments
  • Biological experiments
  • Impactors and hard landers
  • Media and marketing payloads

Payload Hosting Destinations

Earth LEO

Earth - LEO


Lunar Orbit, Cislunar Space Region, Earth-Moon Lagrange Points


Mars orbit


Earth-Sun Lagrange Points, Venus, Asteroids