Compute as a Service®

Download Insights and Images with Edge Computing

Xplore's orbital edge computing capability enables customers to have software-defined payloads that can create data fusion products, extract insights on-orbit, perform data reduction and other innovative processes. These tools reduce the cost and latency to generate critical insights for your applications.


Optimized Sensor Insights

The XCRAFT’s custom on-board computing environment runs a Linux / ARM architecture, allowing customers to run software payloads (in containers) to use our sensors and data products with their custom algorithms.

Sending insights to the ground vs. raw data can reduce latency and exponentially increase the quantity of insights collected.

Compute as a Service


  • Data fusion
  • Object identification
  • AIS analysis
  • Anomaly detection
  • Cloud detection
  • Compression / data reduction / encryption
  • Custom AI/ML applications

Xplore is working closely with cloud providers to bring Edge computing architectures to space.

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