Data as a Service®

Xplore collects data from space that provides commercial, intelligence and climate solutions for our customers.

The XCRAFT™ carries the most diverse and versatile suite of sensors ever carried by commercial satellites. The first mission will carry a total of 8 primary sensors and cover ultraviolet, hyperspectral, high-resolution video, infrared, RF and other sensing phenomenologies.

Any instrument can be tasked independently to meet the needs of the customer. Additionally, a powerful feature of the XCRAFT™ is the ability to task some or all of the instruments to observe a location on Earth or an object in space from the same direction at exactly the same time.

Mt. Rainier Fusion
Hyperspectral Hawaii


Customers task Xplore's instrument(s) to collect space data products.

  • Multi- and hyperspectral
  • Short wave infrared
  • High resolution RGB imaging (including video)
  • Ultra violet imaging
  • RF imagers
  • RF sensors
  • Radiation sensors

Markets Served

  • Agriculture
  • Aviation
  • Civil Agencies
  • Defense & Intelligence
  • Energy
  • Environment Monitoring
  • Financial Services
  • Forestry
  • Infrastructure
  • Insurance
  • Land Use Management
  • Maritime
  • Natural Resource Protection
  • Space Weather
  • Transportation / Logistics