The XCRAFT™ is a multi-mission spacecraft with all the subsystems necessary for missions between Venus and Ceres. Our spacecraft is an advanced payload platform to support any mission.



The standard XCRAFT™ is perfect for Low Earth Orbit, cislunar and interplanetary missions.

With standard propulsion, high-power generation, precision pointing capability, redundant on-board computing and high-bandwidth communication systems the XCRAFT™ is built to deliver solutions for our customers.

  • Enormous payload bay that can accommodate 30kg - 70kg of payload in 100U or more of volume
  • Electric propulsion providing between 500 m/s - 1500 m/s delta-v to fit mission needs
  • 550 W of power generation at 1.0 AU, expandable to 1.1 kW
  • Large high-gain antenna for high speed communications from interplanetary distances
  • Multi-band relay communications from other spacecraft, landers, rovers and ground terminals.
  • Optically stable platform with precision pointing for high performance sensors
  • Advanced on-board computing and storage capabilities for on-board processing and analytics

The standard XCRAFT™ is perfect for most missions. The Xplore team has designed adaptations to our modular spacecraft to fulfill an even larger number of missions for our customers.