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Xplore is flying commercial science missions to Mars on our Xcraft®, and we invite you to join us. Take your space agency, company, university or community to Mars on an exploratory journey. Be among the first in human history to orbit the Red Planet. With features billions of years in the making, it has much to reveal - and even more to discover.

Xplore conducts mission planning, spacecraft engineering, flight financing, payload insurance, communications, data management and spacecraft operations so you don't have to. Let your payloads fly.



You develop the payload, Xplore takes care of the mission, spacecraft and operations.


Missions every other year to Mars allow you to create your own Martian program.


Our orbital missions are designed to last years - extending the value of your program.


Let your ideas fly.

Become part of history. Use our Xpedition™ services to take your country, university or company to space by launching your payload to Mars. Xplore extends your influence 55 million kilometers from Earth by flying your unique payload.


Your instruments can fly to Mars and return unique results to further science.


Bring your brand to a whole new world and reach millions with your creativity.


We can deploy your cubesat at Mars or during the journey.


Demonstrate key new technologies for future missions or commercial tests.


Your organization can go to Mars with messages, time capsules, data archives, or even genetic databases.

Memorials - Celestis

Loved ones can travel to a new world and you can share the experience.


Mars Orbit Details

Our missions to Mars will transfer from Earth orbit to the operational Sun-synchronous orbit over several months, depending on final launch geometry and spacecraft mass.

Orbit Altitude

250 KM (Circular)

Orbit Inclination

93 Degrees

Orbital Velocity

3.4 km/s

Orbital Period

1.87 hours



If you would like to learn more about how Xplore can help your Mars mission, please inquire via the form here, and we can work with you on your mission.


Plan your mission, Xplore will take you there.

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